Reunion Service

23rd May 2010, 6.30 pm

St Margaret's Durham celebrated its 850th anniversary at Pentecost with a Reunion Service to which people came from across Britain, reflecting the formative role the church has played in the lives of many bishops, priests and lay people. The church has had a remarkably eclectic recent history, embracing charismatic renewal, anglo-catholic devotion and a dedicated ministry of healing in successive recent decades. The service sought to reflect this, combining free prayer and choruses with Eucharistic adoration and sacramental symbolism. Our unity in diversity was celebrated, in worship of the Trinity, by a church full of people.


Pictured below: Former Rectors Stephen Davis and David Glover among the congregation 


Pictured below: members of the congregation during the final hymn


Pictured below: Cicely and The Revd Paul Wigfield (Curate, 1953-4),

The Revd Barnaby Huish (Rector), M

ichael Duncan (son of The Revd Harold Duncan, Rector 1953-64) and Mary Duncan.



Pictured below: Norman Donkin (member of the congregation since the early 1920s)

and former Rector David Glover.

Pictured below: The Right Revd Mark Bryant (Bishop of Jarrow), 

who worshipped regularly at St Margaret's when a student, cuts the anniversary cake.


Pictured below (from front to back, left to right):

The Revd Stephen Davis (Rector, 1964-88), The Rt Revd Mark Bryant (Bishop of Jarrow), The Revd Barnaby Huish (Rector), The Revd Dr Nichola Chater (Curate), The Revd Gillian Pocock (Priest associate), The Revd Robin Walter (Curate, 1970-74), The Revd David Glover (Rector, 1995-2005),

The Revd Paul Wigfield (Curate, 1953-54), The Revd Colin Rogerson (Curate, 1975-88), The Revd David Attfield (Priest associate), The Revd Max Wood (Priest associate),

The Revd Dr Alan Bartlett (former Priest associate), Elizabeth Harper, Susan Trowbridge, Colin Penna (Readers),

Sue Lyons, Keith Twomey, Peter de Lange and Doreen Battensby

(Churchwardens of St Margaret's and of St John's, Neville's Cross)